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What is the Biocranial   System?
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If you are a professional healthcare provider that still believes that the human skull is
a collection of twenty two (22) immovable bones you should stop right here because
we will be wasting your time. We might add, this old concept is true if you only work
with cadavers.

It is surprising to those of us that teach the Bio Cranial System™ how the majority of
health professionals have no idea about how cranial movement impacts the health of
a patient. Even more amazing is how many professionals work with conditions in their offices everyday that are directly caused from a malfunctioning cranial mechanism and do not recognize or address it.

Nowadays there is talk everywhere about stress. One of the greatest sources of stress ignored by main stream medicine is malfunctioning cranial bones. Our cranial bones are meant to move in micro fashion; this allows our central nervous system to perform at high efficiency. We must move out of the dark ages and address this missing component to stress free living. What is interesting about cranial movement is the effect it has on all body systems. By freeing the cranial bones so they can move unrestricted impacts our health in a very positive way. Probably the most profound effect is how it increases the function of our immune system. Health professionals everywhere understand how the body actually contracts when it senses anything wrong. What about the bodyʼs reaction to such things as high or low blood sugar, traumatic injury or digestive disorders? Cranial practitioners from all disciplines have known for years that the bodyʼs response to the just mentioned conditions can be the result of a restriction in cranial movement.

An interesting 1994 study was done to find out why people came to medical offices that identified the top 10 conditions. Even though this is 2012, things havenʼt changed very much and the doctor that can help patients with the following conditions will be in high demand as orthodox practitioners have very few answers.

               DIGESTIVE DISORDERS                               HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
               DEPRESSION & ANXIETY                              ARTHRITIS
               ALLERGIES                                                       INSOMNIA

The Bio Cranial System™ practitioners have found symptoms from the above conditions many times respond well to Bio Cranial Therapy™. The Bio Cranial System™ is a trademarked cranial system that addresses all of the bodyʼs functions as a total unit through this mechanism. The system releases tension on the brain, spinal cord and related structures in a three minute process that allows all parts of the body to function better. The Bio Cranial System™ should not be confused with other cranial systems.

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